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Why homebuyers are looking at commutes and schools when buying

Why Homebuyers are Looking at Commutes and Schools When Buying If you’re buying property, you should be looking at schools and commutes before you buy. More homebuyers are basing their buying decisions not only on the actual property, but on the neighborhood where it is located. There’s a very simple reason for this: the total […]

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Is now the time to invest in california foreclosures

Is Now the Time to Invest in California Foreclosures? There is no doubt that the past four years have seen dramatic dips in home values, particularly in California, and the results have caused serious damage to the U.S. economy. However, when you look at any 10-year period in the history of housing prices in the […]

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Is "cozy contemporary" the perfect design vibe for a home

Is "Cozy Contemporary" the Perfect Design Vibe For A Home? I really love to look of really hard contemporary design. It’s really clean and stark and often depends more on the architecture of spaces than on d?cor for interest. But it can be a bit Spartan…and cold…and lacking in comfort. And I love comfort, though […]

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The differences between a freehold and regular condominium

The Differences Between a Freehold and Regular Condominium Due to their easy to manage size, the sense of community they create, and their relative cost when proximity to amenities is considered, condominiums are some of the hottest selling pieces of real estate around. You might be thinking of buying a condo as a home or […]

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Easy step to stop repossession

Easy Step To Stop Repossession You have lost your main income and find yourself unable to pay the mortgage. It starts from a one month delay, and then it turned two months and it continues. until you were not able to cover the. Before you know it your find yourself with a huge mortgage arrears. […]

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