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Parking spaces as real estate investments

Parking Spaces As Real Estate Investments One of the more unusual but sometimes profitable real estate investments is buying parking spaces. In every large city, including Chicago, there is always a need for parking and demand outpaces supply. Even with public transportation readily available in large cities, the high gas prices and the growing trend […]

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Maximize workout chances before yielding to miami foreclosures

Maximize Workout Chances Before Yielding to Miami Foreclosures There’s no stopping the rise of foreclosures in the country’s real estate market. In Miami alone, a huge percentage of homes listed in the MLS listings are distressed homes. Unless all those properties are taken off the market and sold, once can only expect a continuous fluctuation […]

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Appeal to your buyers emotions

Appeal to your Buyers Emotions Most of us have an emotional attachment to our home, and while this is a good thing, it is best if we can be detached from it when it comes to the sale of our house. Emotional attachment can lead to lost equity. There are many areas where our emotions […]

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Portfolio sale-leaseback

Portfolio Sale-Leaseback By Ethan Fry, Staff Writer Source: CPM Portfolio sale-leaseback transactions will become increasingly prevalent for companies looking to increase flexibility and limit property ownership, according to results of a survey released by CoreNet Global’s Applied Research Center. “The real big difference between single-property sale-leasebacks and portfolio sale-leasebacks is more in the flexibility it […]

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Residential real estate loan vs

Residential Real Estate Loan Vs. Bank Loan Which financing is preferred by real estate investors, a residential real estate loan or a typical bank loan? Looking at interest rates, it is easy to conclude that banks loans are better than residential real estate loans, or hard money loans. But scrutinizing their key features, you’ll discover […]

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