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How to structure real estate investing for retirement

How To Structure Real Estate Investing For Retirement With the massive swings in volatility associated with the stock market in recent years, many people look for different forms of investment in order to save for their retirement. Many people choose to invest in real estate primarily as the main vehicle for their retirement planning. This […]

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As far as strategies are concerned there are mainly two

real estate marketing strategies As far as strategies are concerned there are mainly two.  The do it yourself strategy or the let someone else handle it approach.  If you do it yourself and succeed you are going to save some money and feel good about it.  You also might learn something in the process.   If […]

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Creative real estate financing ideas for investors

Creative Real Estate Financing Ideas for Investors Creative Financing For Investors For decades, the golden rule of property investment was 80-20, with 20 percent going toward a down payment, and the remaining 80 toward the loan. Now, there are dozens of ways to finance the purchase of a new property, whether it is for pure […]

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Oakland real estate agents and the lending crunch

Oakland Real Estate Agents and the Lending Crunch Considering what is happening in the mortgage industry, it’s important for us real estate agents to make sure our buyers are going to be able to get financing once they get into escrow. Today, because of the fallout of the sub-prime mortgage industry, lenders have tightened up […]

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Ten reasons to love austin texas

Ten Reasons to Love Austin Texas Ten Reasons to Love Austin Texas Housing is Very Affordable- One of the first reasons why you should take a look at making an Austin move, or what may help you decide that you should move, is that housing is very affordable both in Austin and its suburbs. In […]

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