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How to jumpstart your credit to buy a home

How To Jumpstart Your Credit To Buy A Home Your credit history holds a very significant key to your new home. It determines your borrowing power, loan options and the interest you will pay. The higher the score the lower the interest rate, which in turn saves you money in monthly payments. Here are some […]

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Projects with plush penthouses in noida

Projects with Plush Penthouses in Noida The Penthouses in Noida are premium residential accommodations in the city. If you are planning to enjoy a highly luxurious lifestyle, penthouse is the one for you. The houses are spacious. You would get the perfect space to enjoy your life with your family and friends. Being an industrial […]

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Free government grants – get as much as $15,000 to buy a brand new house

Free Government Grants – Get As Much As $15,000 To Buy A Brand New House Let me show you how to get $12,000 Free Government Grant from the US Government as little as 7 days. Whether you need to raise funds for repairing your old home or making a down payment on your new house, […]

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Housing market not so gloomy

Housing Market not so Gloomy Property search agent Tracy Kellett of BDI Home Finders is experiencing her own property crisis. Clients, believing the market is on its way down, are refusing to pay over asking price, but stubborn vendors are not budging. Tracy says: “It seems that estate agents are starting to price realistically but […]

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Property mini boom

Property Mini Boom If you’ve read a lot of price articles on cheap property in recent months you will have come across quite a few references to the existence of something called a property ‘mini-boom’. Apparently this phenomenon has been with us for at least 6 months now – probably more than 6 months if […]

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