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Save even more on foreclosures with these foreclosure tips

Save Even More on Foreclosures With These Foreclosure Tips Foreclosures are often a good bargain up front, since these homes are often priced below market value. Even before you start negotiating asking price, the average foreclosed property saves you money because the lender wants to sell the repossessed house quickly to recoup the money lost […]

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Merida real estate to receive investment of $4 million in culture

Merida Real Estate To Receive Investment Of $4 Million In Culture In the Yucatan Real Estate area, one of the points which makes Merida Real Estate a top choice for a Mexico Retirement or for families is this colonial city’s rich cultural heritage. Merida has a strong tack-record of investing in infrastructure such as roads […]

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What is a real estate note

What Is A Real Estate Note? What Is A Real Estate Note? If you have owner financed the sale of your home you’ve created a contract which states the purchase price, length of loan, interest and other terms of the agreement. Also called a Deed, Deed of Trust, Mortgage Loan, Mortgage Note, Real Estate Note, […]

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Top real estate markets in the country: charleston, sc

Top Real Estate Markets in the Country: Charleston, SC Earlier this year Forbes named Charleston, South Carolina the ninth strongest real estate market in the United States.  Houston, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; El Paso, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Syracuse, New York; and McAllen, Texas were the cities listed above Charleston on this list.                             […]

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Impact of the mortgage disclosure improvement act

Impact of the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act The process of getting a mortgage has been changed and these changes are for those who plan on buying a house. It is important to be aware of such aspects in the real estate world. The changes that have been made were put into effect by the Mortgage […]

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