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Rocky point real estate poised for growth

Rocky Point Real Estate Poised For Growth Located on the Mexico mainland and on the coast of the Sea of Cortez to the North, lies the scenic city of Rocky Point. This City is also called Puerto Penasco and is referredto as “Arizona’s Beach“. It’s a convenient 3 and half hours of road trip from […]

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Gilbert homes – five tips to starting a real estate business

Gilbert Homes – Five Tips To Starting A Real Estate Business All of us want to make good investments. Good investments allow us to improve our assets. This will help ensure a brighter future for us and for our family. Investment has many forms. Some invest in bonds, jewelry, stocks, and properties. Most people associate […]

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Tax deeds, and tax deed treasures – when florida dirt is gold

Tax Deeds, and Tax Deed Treasures – When Florida Dirt is Gold With Tax Deed investing owning the deed is the goal. The smart money will invest in Florida dirt. Get smart, then – Get rich from Dirt! As strange as it might sound – dirt is gold – and those who understand this will […]

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Legal mistakes you can avoid by hiring san diego property manager

Legal Mistakes You Can Avoid by Hiring San Diego Property Manager Some landlords commit many legal mistakes which can be costly for their property rental business.  Such mistakes can be avoided by simply hiring a professional San Diego property manager.  The downfall of some landlords is not due to lack of tenants or sluggish property […]

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Why do a home renovation

Why Do A Home Renovation What reason do you have to take on a home renovation? There are many reasons to do a home renovation. Maybe your growing family requires more space, or you just want a change. The entire family can take part in this wonderful experience, no matter what the reason. Lifestyle, home […]

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