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The shocking truth about your electric bill

The Shocking Truth About Your Electric Bill The average New York State home owner pays nearly 17 cents for every kilowatt hour of electricity they use. That’s more than in any other state in the entire country with the exception of Hawaii and Connecticut. What’s worse, the Department of Energy predicts that national prices are […]

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The rising cost of dubai properties

The Rising Cost of Dubai Properties There’s no doubt about it – Dubai is hot. It’s attracted a lot of attention in the last several years, becoming a symbol of wealth, luxury, and innovation. Tourists, and those seeking to relocate, have been flocking there in droves, which led to rapid growth and rapid increase of […]

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Skiing in scottsdale

Skiing in Scottsdale? not a Chance! You will never be that cold here in glorious Scottsdale. Your bones will not ache from the damp and you can breathe easy here in our dry and warm climate. Average temperature charts show the hot summer months can tip into the hundreds, but average around eighty. For the […]

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Want to get your texas real estate license

Want to Get Your Texas Real Estate License? Even During a Recession, the Time is Now! If you have been hesitant to obtain your Texas real estate license, there are many who wouldn’t blame you. These days, if you simply open a newspaper or turn on the television, you might think the world is going […]

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Hvcc appraisal regulations – the next bad decision is here for our real estate economy

HVCC Appraisal Regulations – The Next Bad Decision is Here For Our Real Estate Economy I have been in the real estate markets for 16 years now and I find it amazing how much change can be sold to the American citizens through the lack of proper information, the press and our beloved federal government. […]

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