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Your new home and down payments

Your New Home and Down Payments In order to buy a new house you’re likely going to need a fairly large sum of money behind you, if there is more than one person buying, such as being a couple or a family then you are going to have a slightly easier time but it’s still […]

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Things buyers should know about fha foreclosures for sale

Things Buyers Should Know About FHA Foreclosures for Sale <!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –> For investors and regular home buyers who are interested in purchasing FHA foreclosures for sale, there are certain things that they need to know first to make sure that the whole deal goes smoothly […]

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Fha loan: how to qualify

FHA Loan: How to Qualify Nowadays, a lot of individuals think that getting approved for a home loan is incredible a tough thing to do.  Lucky for those who know about this FHA Loan, this is purposely made by the Federal Housing Administration in1940.  You can easily apply for it and get a fast credit […]

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Bgs3 and program 3648

Bgs3 and Program 3648 Program 3648 is BGS3’s nationwide campaign to certify qualified real estate professionals to assist homeowners facing a potential foreclosure. Program 3648 was announced on January 29, 2008 by Chief Administer John W. Davis, stating, “President Bush has provided a much needed solution to the national foreclosure problem in signing H.R. 3648 […]

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The probate process explained

The Probate Process Explained Probate is one of the most common and least understood legal proceedings. It basically comprises the settlement of all financial matters pertaining to the estate of an individual after their death. This includes paying any outstanding debts or tax liability, collecting any amounts due to the estate and, where necessary, determining […]

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