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Homeowners facing foreclosure: the most motivated sellers in the world

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure: the Most Motivated Sellers in the World When I used to deal with my Orange County real estate and Las Vegas real estate clients, all my real estate investors always wanted me to hunt high and low for that magical “motivated seller”.  And this was in the thick of the hot markets […]

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Beat the recession, invest in real estate

Beat The Recession, Invest In Real Estate The recession of today has got everyone terrified. People are scared that they would lose their jobs, lose their savings and, ultimately, they lose their confidence in themselves. The thought of multiple streams of income or even any stable income seems like such a faraway dream, long ago. […]

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Foreclosure profit opportunities

Foreclosure Profit Opportunities If you are a first time homeowner and are looking for high profits foreclosure could be a good option for you. In order to get a loan, foreclosed real estate properties are those that are being utilized by borrowers of banks and other financial institutions. If the borrower cannot pay the loan […]

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Planning to make investment in dubai property

Planning To Make Investment in Dubai Property Property investment is a developing industry, as global markets go up and down daily; you need a secure and stable place to invest. Property is a perfect investment option of lots of people’s portfolio. You can invest in property and have a nice place to retire or you […]

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Housing market not so gloomy

Housing Market not so Gloomy Property search agent Tracy Kellett of BDI Home Finders is experiencing her own property crisis. Clients, believing the market is on its way down, are refusing to pay over asking price, but stubborn vendors are not budging. Tracy says: “It seems that estate agents are starting to price realistically but […]

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