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Understanding your true property value

Understanding Your True Property Value What’s your property worth?  If you think that grabbing your last city assessment is going to provide you with an accurate idea of your home’s worth, you are mistaken. Determining the actual market value of the home is far more complex than the formulas used by the local assessor’s office. […]

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First time home buyer tips: finding a home

First Time Home Buyer Tips: Finding a Home There really is no great secret to finding a home.  Though there are countless theories and techniques, finding a house comes down to perseverance and luck.  You must be willing to work at putting yourself in the right place at the right time to find your dream […]

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Blythewood sc real estate – neighborhood information

Blythewood SC Real Estate – Neighborhood Information Blythewood SC Real Estate Blythewood, South Carolina, is a suburb of Columbia and is conveniently located about 20 miles Northeast of the City of Columbia. Blythewood has served as a “last stop” before the 75 mile drive to Charlotte, NC on Interstate 77, as it did in the […]

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Take advantage of handling your loan modification online

Take Advantage of Handling Your Loan Modification Online If you need to get your loan modified for any reason you should take a look at getting this process taken care of online. You can work with loan modification online to help you with making sure that your loan is going to be altered to terms […]

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Capitalize on the advantages of foreclosed homes investing

Capitalize on the Advantages of Foreclosed Homes Investing Foreclosed homes are repossessed by the lender party when the creditor meets payment default and thus loses the homes in the hand of lenders. The lenders do not want to keep the foreclosed property for long as they want to recover the monetary losses incurred due to […]

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