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Short sales success – 2010 short sale trends

Short Sales Success – 2010 Short Sale Trends If you are a Real Estate Professional, you are hurting yourself by not pursuing short sale opportunities. If you had a previous client in trouble, would you be able to serve them? Would you just walk away and hope you find another client who isn’t in trouble? […]

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Avoid foreclosure in milwaukee

Avoid Foreclosure In Milwaukee Home ownership is one of the best things that anyone can ever do. However, in today’s economy, losing your home is much more likely to happen than owning a home right now. With such a shaky economy, there is a number of extenuating circumstances that can arise that could make you […]

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Know about flipping destination condos

Know About Flipping Destination Condos A particular type of “investing” in destination condos has become an easy path to riches in some circles. It is asserted that flipping “preconstruction” condos can make “big bucks.” This opportunity is created when developers offer the lowest prices to buyers before the condos are completed (or even before they […]

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Buying a foreclosure home

Buying a Foreclosure Home? Be Careful of Distressed Neighborhoods A foreclosure home could seem like a fabulous investment. It is important to look at more than the house and the price tag, though. Researching the neighborhood is a very important part of the process if you are buying it as a financial investment. Distressed Neighborhood […]

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Real estate “hot zones” are not immune to current market trends

Real Estate “hot Zones” are not Immune to Current Market Trends Up till now, it seemed as if certain real estate markets would come through the real estate market crash unscathed. Home prices in these areas continued to rise and sales were happening rather quickly. However, there are now signs that even hot markets like […]

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