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What not to do when investing in real estate

What Not To Do When Investing In Real Estate Property can be a sensible and profitable investment, but when someone who lacks knowledge and experience attempts to make money by investing in real estate things can go very wrong.  There are two main reasons for this. The first is that they can easily make a […]

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Los angeles real estate investing

Los Angeles Real Estate Investing If you have been looking for stability in what seem to be extremely unstable times, a Los Angeles Real Estate Investing Group has everything you need to help you with real estate investing.  Now more than ever it is going to be extremely beneficial for you when you get together […]

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How to buy french homes: a guide before signing the contract

How to Buy French Homes: A Guide Before Signing the Contract France offers real estate investors both an opportunity to be close to the bustling centers of the European economy, and also the idyllic and beautiful French countryside. With relatively low property prices, gorgeous settings, and a stable market, France seems to have it all […]

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Apartment living: finding and creating your home apartment

Apartment Living: Finding and Creating Your Home Apartment Looking for an apartment can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Not to mention the stress involved of making sure that the apartment has everything that you want. However, your worries don’t end there. Once you have gotten your perfect apartment, next comes fitting it […]

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The ford site in st

The Ford Site in St. Paul, Continued Well, more information has arisen over the last while about the proposed redevelopment of Saint Paul waterfront where the old Ford assembly plant stood for many years. As I mentioned in my last article concerning this site, this is an unprecedented opportunity for the upgrading and development of […]

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