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Woodville texas home market

Woodville Texas Home Market This small community is very popular with retirees for its relaxed rural living. The population is about 2,500 people and is located in Tyler County Texas, along Highway 69 running north and south. Highway 190 runs east and west and is a main thoroughfare to Jasper to the east and the […]

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Understanding your true property value

Understanding Your True Property Value What’s your property worth?  If you think that grabbing your last city assessment is going to provide you with an accurate idea of your home’s worth, you are mistaken. Determining the actual market value of the home is far more complex than the formulas used by the local assessor’s office. […]

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Buying a foreclosure home

Buying a Foreclosure Home? Be Careful of Distressed Neighborhoods A foreclosure home could seem like a fabulous investment. It is important to look at more than the house and the price tag, though. Researching the neighborhood is a very important part of the process if you are buying it as a financial investment. Distressed Neighborhood […]

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The ford site in st

The Ford Site in St. Paul, Continued Well, more information has arisen over the last while about the proposed redevelopment of Saint Paul waterfront where the old Ford assembly plant stood for many years. As I mentioned in my last article concerning this site, this is an unprecedented opportunity for the upgrading and development of […]

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Sell house fast and get quick money

Sell House Fast and Get Quick Money If you are a house owner and if you are in a financially dire situation, one quick way to get access to cash is to sell house fast. This move gives you that much-needed cash to fulfil your urgent monetary requirements. However, in the circumstances when the market […]

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