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Short sales success – 2010 short sale trends

Short Sales Success – 2010 Short Sale Trends If you are a Real Estate Professional, you are hurting yourself by not pursuing short sale opportunities. If you had a previous client in trouble, would you be able to serve them? Would you just walk away and hope you find another client who isn’t in trouble? […]

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The rising cost of dubai properties

The Rising Cost of Dubai Properties There’s no doubt about it – Dubai is hot. It’s attracted a lot of attention in the last several years, becoming a symbol of wealth, luxury, and innovation. Tourists, and those seeking to relocate, have been flocking there in droves, which led to rapid growth and rapid increase of […]

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Find creative financing for your home purchase – brilliant ideas to buy your dream house

Find Creative Financing for your Home Purchase – Brilliant Ideas to Buy your Dream House Sure you have the determination and initial planning of purchasing your dream house. It may be a very bold and noble pursuit yet there are factors that definitely hinder your plans. For instance, you are currently not in the position […]

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The advantages of selling with owner financing

The Advantages of Selling With Owner Financing Offering owner financing has become an increasing popular means of helping your house look more attractive in this slowing real estate market. Sellers are having to lower their prices since it is getting more and more difficult for buyers to secure the needed financing. By offering to provide […]

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Invest in real estate to get money

Invest In Real Estate To Get Money When the economy is in a recession, it is common to see many houses up for sale and even more that are for sold or auctioned off by a bank because the people that were living in these houses are no longer able to keep up on the […]

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