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Why a quick sale or taking a sell and rent back deal could be useful

Why a Quick Sale Or Taking a Sell and Rent Back Deal Could Be Useful If you have a mortgage and are facing arrears give some thought to taking a sell and rent back option. You may be just starting to have trouble paying your mortgage and are stressed trying to come up with the […]

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Converting your garage into liveable space: important things to consider

Converting Your Garage into Liveable Space: Important things to Consider People love expanding their homes. They do this to maximize their living space or simple to add a new one. However, not all people have homes with extra spaces. Some may have maxed it out. If they plan to make additions like a new room […]

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We buy houses in lilburn and snellville fast, so you can sell fast

We buy houses in Lilburn and Snellville fast, so you can sell fast Are you frustrated that you can’t sell your Lilburn home? Are you about ready to hire a Realtor?? Or, has your home been listed on the market for close to a year without an offer?I have a friend who has had her […]

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Research schools before buying and its importance

Research Schools before Buying and Its Importance The importance of buying properties in close proximity to schools ahs never been more emphasized. For those relocating and are excited to be on the move, take a step back and see to it if your kids will also have a bright future concerning the relocation. If you […]

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Mortgage loan modification – how to save your home and keep your family safe and off the street

Mortgage Loan Modification – How to Save Your Home and Keep Your Family Safe and Off the Street Owning a home has always been a sign of prosperity and closely related to the American Dream. In the past, people dared the unknown and braved the elements in order to conquer land and build their homes. […]

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