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Short sales success – 2010 short sale trends

Short Sales Success – 2010 Short Sale Trends If you are a Real Estate Professional, you are hurting yourself by not pursuing short sale opportunities. If you had a previous client in trouble, would you be able to serve them? Would you just walk away and hope you find another client who isn’t in trouble? […]

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Luxury properties and lease forms

Luxury Properties And Lease Forms Luxury properties certainly are more expensive and hence you will have to pay more. Some of the points related to the luxuries properties are very important. You will have to make sure that the land lease form contains all the assets listed in right order. But how are they going […]

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Homeowners facing foreclosure: the most motivated sellers in the world

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure: the Most Motivated Sellers in the World When I used to deal with my Orange County real estate and Las Vegas real estate clients, all my real estate investors always wanted me to hunt high and low for that magical “motivated seller”.  And this was in the thick of the hot markets […]

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Great news after recession, government grants up to $15000 for buying a house

Great News After Recession, Government Grants Up To $15000 For Buying A House! How many days it’s been after the recession that we heard something good and beneficial for us. When the recession has showed its face towards the world the economy started declining with the average life of the common man coming down. Have […]

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Pros and cons of buying santa monica foreclosures

Pros and Cons of Buying Santa Monica Foreclosures It seems that every headline we read these days screams out that foreclosures are on the rise. This is true in many parts of the United States…Los Angeles, California among them. Now it’s true that while we don’t have many foreclosures happening in the Santa Monica real […]

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