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Why rent to own a home in kitchener

Why Rent to Own a Home in Kitchener So you’re looking for a Kitchener rent to own home but you aren’t totally sure of the benefits of rent to own, whether it can meet your real estate needs, and why you can’t seem to find any rent to own opportunities in the area. This article […]

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Knowing the basics of foreclosing homes

Knowing The Basics Of Foreclosing Homes Foreclosure is an option that can be taken through legal procedure.  Such legal process is normally done by bank institutions, lenders, and other creditors.  When the borrower fails to comply with the payment scheme as initially agreed on, the creditor then may opt to immediately terminate the ownership of […]

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Rent to own homes

Rent to Own Homes Rent to Own Homes The words “Rent-to-Own” homes refers to getting into an arrangement to rent out a house for a pre specified tenure and converting it into one’s home by purchasing  the same from the owner of the house. It is a financial contract between the tenant and the owner […]

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How piti affects your home purchase budget

How PITI Affects Your Home Purchase Budget How PITI Affects Your Home Purchase Budget There are lots of factors that you normally consider when deciding on the budget that is required to purchase a new house. The dream that you have had for so long should no be derailed because you failed to calculate on […]

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New commercial equity line creates liquidity

New Commercial Equity Line Creates Liquidity Commercial building owners have struggled for decades on how to effectively and economically tap their commercial property’s equity. This lack of liquidity seems to be one of the biggest complaints in commercial real estate ownership. There are a few new options however for commercial property owners (both investors and […]

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