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How to make your offer stand out

How to Make your Offer Stand Out If you’re looking to buy a home, and the market has more homes than buyers, it can be hard to get the attention of the seller of a home you love. Many sellers have multiple offers in on their home, and their goal is to get the highest […]

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Strategy for buying & selling a property

Strategy for Buying & Selling a Property The strategy adopted for buying and selling a property by a person is usually based on certain factors which are prevalent in the market as well as few other locational and availability of common facilities which include school, transport, market, park and work place etc. It requires some […]

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The palms club produces happy buyers

The Palms Club Produces Happy Buyers ORLANDO (June 4, 2007) “One look at the property and the developers behind it and it is easy to recognize how much you get for a minimal investment,” explains Sonia Barroso, a broker from Venezuela who sold several units at The Palms Club to clients before purchasing for herself. […]

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Owner financing-what’s in it for you south carolina

Owner financing-What’s in it for you South Carolina? Below are benefits of an owner finance house deal for both the buyer and the seller. Benefits for the seller Most of us want to pay as little tax as legally possible and getting a large sum of cash at closing requires us to pay a hefty […]

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Loan modification help for homeowners

Loan Modification Help For Homeowners Now days many homeowners find themselves facing frustration and confusion, when it comes to the loan modification process. However, this can be avoided if you know the right person fit for negotiating with your lender in order to work out a mutually beneficial agreement and avoid foreclosure. However, before even […]

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