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Making money in probate real estate

Making Money in Probate Real Estate We hear every day how the real estate market is going under, but yet certain real estate investors are making money every day, regardless of market volatility. How? By buying probate real estate. Probate is the legal process property goes through when someone dies. The court gets a hold […]

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No stopping real estate price in gurgaon

No Stopping Real Estate Price in Gurgaon Ask any real estate agent about the most sought after and lucrative properties around the national capital. The answer invariably will be Gurgaon. And if you make a simple query about Gurgaon rentals, the property dealer will simply ask for your budget. This is so because the Gurgaon […]

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Rent to own homes

Rent to Own Homes Rent to Own Homes The words “Rent-to-Own” homes refers to getting into an arrangement to rent out a house for a pre specified tenure and converting it into one’s home by purchasing  the same from the owner of the house. It is a financial contract between the tenant and the owner […]

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Real estate q&a with kolasch real estate march 2009 – mortgage modification update

Real Estate Q&A with Kolasch Real Estate March 2009 – Mortgage Modification update Q:  Hi Todd. Are there set rules for mortgage modifications.  I get different answers depending on who I talk to.   A:  Great question.  There are some questions in real estate where a good real estate should say, "I don’t know."  Until […]

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Get ocean front real estate on ewa beach

Get Ocean Front Real Estate On Ewa Beach It is awesome to see the sun rising on a beach. It gives a pleasant feeling through out the day… If you have longed to have an ocean front property then Ewa Beach is a great option to you. People here are friendly and over the years […]

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