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Short sales success – 2010 short sale trends

Short Sales Success – 2010 Short Sale Trends If you are a Real Estate Professional, you are hurting yourself by not pursuing short sale opportunities. If you had a previous client in trouble, would you be able to serve them? Would you just walk away and hope you find another client who isn’t in trouble? […]

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Foreign investors may shun real estate

Foreign Investors May Shun Real Estate Foreign investors may shun the Indian real estate market as lower asset prices in the US and the potential to earn better returns skew the risk-reward equation against emerging markets such as India, say private equity experts. “Real estate developers face a double whammy of slowdown in the overall […]

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Townships: the final answer to pune's housing issues

Townships: The Final Answer To Pune's Housing Issues Townships are more than a new real estate mantra – for some cities in India, they are literally the last hope for decent living. With the gradual worsening of residential conditions in Pune, township properties are gaining increasing significance as the final answer to qualitative living and […]

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Anguilla’s real estate nuance: developing for the future / protecting the past

Anguilla’s Real Estate Nuance: Developing for the Future / Protecting the Past As everyone who is familiar with Anguilla is aware, there was a substantial amount of real estate investment in marketing, construction and purchasing during the period from 1994 thru 1997-most notably in the arena of larger managed hotel residences featuring preconstruction sales efforts. […]

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Will real estate thrive without government help

Will Real Estate Thrive Without Government Help? Real estate appears to be making a comeback showing a modest improvement in homes sales in some areas of the country. Is the housing slump over and is the real estate market now recovering? Perhaps, but these gains could mostly be a result of extensive Government support for […]

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