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New commercial equity line creates liquidity

New Commercial Equity Line Creates Liquidity Commercial building owners have struggled for decades on how to effectively and economically tap their commercial property’s equity. This lack of liquidity seems to be one of the biggest complaints in commercial real estate ownership. There are a few new options however for commercial property owners (both investors and […]

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Real estate demand of hyderabad according to its prices-

Real estate demand of Hyderabad according to its prices- The beginning of universal companies to Hyderabad has impacted the real estate values. Their appearance of MNCs, IT colossal and other gigantic companies in Hyderabad has urged the buried require for high-end and lavishness real estate. The experts employed through these companies have sky-scraping salaries thus […]

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Marketing campaigns-email marketing management

Marketing Campaigns-Email marketing management The opportunity to purchase property more cheaply and easier overseas has lured many potential buyers to overseas locations. Choosing the right financial institution to finance your overseas property purchase could ultimately save you money and time. Some of the major banks and lenders for instance have overseas branches and partners so […]

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Starting your foreclosure business

Starting your Foreclosure Business In today’s market since the foreclosures are rising, it may be a good idea to invest in starting your own business selling foreclosure homes. There are a lot of headlines about homeowners who are loosing their homes and some are going into deeper debt. You can possibly be a help to […]

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Portfolio sale-leaseback

Portfolio Sale-Leaseback By Ethan Fry, Staff Writer Source: CPM Portfolio sale-leaseback transactions will become increasingly prevalent for companies looking to increase flexibility and limit property ownership, according to results of a survey released by CoreNet Global’s Applied Research Center. “The real big difference between single-property sale-leasebacks and portfolio sale-leasebacks is more in the flexibility it […]

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